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with Karla Yanina

Begins Jan. 10th

Age: 18+  Room: Hall

What to Wear:

-No outdoor shoes inside the studio please

- Bring a scarf large enough to tie around the hips

-Yoga wear is ideal 

Rates & Dates:

Beginner Bellydancing Level I:

$95 - 8 weeks (January 12th - March 2nd)

Beginner Bellydancing Level II:

$95 - 8 weeks (January 10th - February 28)




To register or ask any questions please email Karla directly at



Beginner Bellydancing Level I

Thursdays 6:00-7:00 PM

This is a Beginner Level Dance class. All ages welcome 

We will learn the foundation movements of the traditional style of Bellydance as it is done in the lands of its origin 

Focus will be placed on developping proper dance posture and strong sense of alignment.

We will learn a choreography to a fun popular song in the style of Sha'abi

Aiming to have fun while learning a new style of dance!


Beginner Bellydancing Level II

Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 PM

We will build on the foundations learned in first level through drills and proper technique.

Focus will continue on the anatomy of this dance in order to achieve flawless layering of movements. Some of the topics to be covered: hand movements, travel steps, shimmies

All while tapping deeper into the joy of physical movement through dance.

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