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with Anna Protsiou
Cancelled until further notice

Max capacity: 8 people/class   |  Age: 10 +   Room: Basement

What to Wear:

stretchy and comfortable activewear


- $25 for one class

-$45 for two consecutive classes

*pay by e-transfer to

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Leg Flexibility & Strength

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This class is good for anyone who wants to improve extensions, tone the legs get the (over)splits or just touch their toes. Also for those wanting to strengthen the core and upper body and stand on their hands. The class focuses on passive and active flexibility, strengthening the legs and core as well as, exercises to build the strength and learn fundamentals essential for handstands. Class will also include the use of a Bosu ball, canes and other equipment to take your balance to the next level and to create beautiful shapes. The approach will be both collective and individual based on personal level and goals. Personal requests for specific tricks and poses students want to work on are welcome and will be given specific direction and attention in order to achieve them!

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