with Kimberly Craig
*New sessions begin on August 2nd*

Max capacity: 5 people/class   |  Age: 16 +   Room: Hall

What to Wear:

Please wear leggings with no zippers and a top that can be tucked in. It is also advised to bring a long-sleeved shirt.

* All jewelry must be removed before you begin for your protection and the protection of the silks.

* Socks can be worn during the warm-up, but they will need to be removed in order to work on the equipment.


-$20 per class when you sign up for a session (generally 4 weeks)
- $25 drop-in (subject to availability)

*pay by e-transfer to

aerial silk beginner.jpg

Aerial Silks - Continuing


8:15 - 9:30 PM

This class is for continuing aerial silk students. Students should be comfortable climbing and making footlocks in the air. This class will focus on building solid inversion technique, learning a wider variety of skills and poses and linking sequences together.

aerial silk beginner 2.jpg

Aerial Silks - Beginners


8:15 - 9:15 PM

This class is for beginners or people getting back into the air. You will be introduced to basic hangs, knots, climbs, and a variety of skills and poses. Over the course of the session you will develop increased core and upper body strength and a solid foundation in aerial technique. Mastering the fundamentals is the fastest and safest way to keep learning new skills!