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with Anastasia Evsigneeva
Starts April 6th

 Age: 10+   Room: Smaller Room in Basement

What to Wear:

Comfortable stretchy clothes for moving around in.


- $120 for 4 classes (expires within 2 months from the first use)

- $225 for 8 classes (expires within 2 months from the first use)

-1 FREE trial class for first timers only

Payable by e-transfer to before attending the first class from your purchased pass.

*no make up classes, refunds or drop-in classes available

**each additional class is $35


Contortion & Handstands (All-Levels)
with Anastasia Evsigneeva

Saturdays: 4:00-6:00 pm

starting April 6th

These classes are tailored for individuals eager to explore their hidden body abilities and discover their untapped potential. Our classes start with a group warm-up, followed by division into smaller groups based on skill level where I give different tasks according to your goals. Participants will hone skills such as splits (including oversplits), handstands, various arm-balances, bridges, cheststands, and more. This class is designed to help you achieve your fitness and flexibility goals while delving into the mysteries of the ancient art form of contortion.

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