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with Anastasia Evsigneeva

Max capacity: 8 people/class   |  Age: 14 +   Room: Hall

*kids 10 years old and up are also welcome but would need to be approved by Anastasia - approval depends on the kid’s background and ability to focus on the task and work in an adult manner*

What to Wear:

stretchy and comfortable workout clothes


- $30 for one class per week

-$50 for both classes per week  

*pay by e-transfer to


Contortion & Handstands (Online)

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm

Sundays 11:30-1:00  pm

In this all-levels class, you will be introduced to very specific exercises that will help you learn how to hand-balance and improve your flexibility. It is different from a regular stretching class or a workout because this program will allow you to learn the art of hand-balancing and contortion by providing you with the right progressions. Contortion is about your journey of finding comfort in uncomfortable at first poses. Anastasia will adjust your program depending on your background, level and goals to help you reach them with the most joy and comfort, but the least amount of pain. You will be working towards gaining skills such as handstands in the center with ability to switch leg shapes, handstand presses, bridges, cheststands, elbowstands and more. The class will contribute to your overall fitness, flexibility and strength.

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