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with Rhythmic Royals Gymnastics Club 

Fridays 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Saturdays 2:00 - 6:00 pm

Max capacity: 15 people     


Room: Hall


Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics Programs

The Rhythmic Royals offers first-class recreational programs. The programs are designed for girls ages 4 and up. These programs focus on developing, flexibility, strength, grace, endurance, rhythm, coordination, musical awareness and creativity, while learning the basics of the sport in a fun, positive and non-competitive environment. We teach fundamental dance moves and introduce rhythmic gymnastics skills with the rope, hoop, ball, ribbon and scarves. Musical movement, fun and creative routines are incorporated to give beginners an introduction to the beautiful sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

What to Wear:

Gymnasts are required to wear their tank top and tight shorts or tights with toe slippers or socks to every class. Hair must be worn in a bun or ponytail for practice. Gymnasts must bring running shoes to each practice.


Rates: Please visit Rhythmic Royals Gymnastic Club website for more information.

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