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with Rachelanne Kosatsky


Age: 18+  Room: Hall

What to Wear:

Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, ideally long-sleeve for ease of friction, without belts and jewelry for safety and comfort for Contact Improv Dance.


$15 drop-in

$40 for the month ($10/class)

if you come to all classes in the month

To register or ask any questions please email Rachelanne directly at



Contact Improvisation

Thursdays 7:00-9:00 PM

*every last Thursday of the month Authentic Movement class will be taught by Ali Tataryn*

What is Contact Improvisation?

Partners relate to a shared point of contact, by surrendering to the present moment, requiring a mode of movement which is relaxed, constantly aware, and flowing. We do not strive to achieve results, but rather, to meet the constantly changing physical reality with appropriate placement and energy. There is a sweet surrendering that happens when your body stays faithful to what is happening now, and now... and NOW! 

Why Contact Improvisation? 

We believe that through play, observation, expression, and touch, you will experience the bliss of a spontaneous, constantly changing physical reality in your partner-dance. By accepting yourself at this moment, you cultivate compassion for yourself to enter the negotiation of the partner-dance. When you practice trusting your physical impulses, you will cultivate integrity to be present in the ever-changing reality and your wise body will be served you in life's journey.

What will we do?

Through fun and gentle exercises for beginners to professionals, you will enter the dance safely with ease and fun. However, for a Contact Improv Community to thrive, we need very developed movers to join and contribute their wisdom. Rachelanne's fee is very low because even though she provides her energy, training, and experience to offer the structure and exercises to take you on a journey, she is essentially not the only teacher. We need a variety of skills, such as strength and agility to contribute to a sustainable Contact Improv Community in Winnipeg. 

Check-in Circle 7-7:10
Guided Warmup 7:10-7:30
Exercises 7:30-8:30
Open Dance Jam 8:30-8:50
Closing Circle 8:50-9:00

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